CORICA BOX - Organic*

One box with delicious organic* coffees and infusion.
*Certified Certysis BE-BIO-01

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€39.90 The prices of the coffees decrease according to the selected quantity, except for the grand cru's. The price per kilo of coffee is lower when you buy 1x1 kg than when you buy 4x250 grs or 2x500 grs.

We propose you one Organic BOX with 4 delicious coffees and one infusion:
- Peru El Palto* : Balanced, subtly acidic, long chocolate finish.
- Mexico Tapachula* : Round and balanced, cocoa and spicy notes.
- Guatemala Quetzaltenango* : Very mild and especially fine, fruity taste.
- Honduras High Grown* : Strong and bitter, round and creamy, notes of caramel and chocolate.
- Ethiopia Sidamo*: Balanced and acidic, red berry taste.

A flyer with the coffee description will be added in the box.
Take care to precise your coffee grinding !

*certified Certysis BE-BIO-01


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