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Brazil Cerrado

Chocolate, notes of caramel, milk chocolate, walnut.

Price From €8.10

Brazil Deca CO2

Chocolate, roasted taste, cocoa powder, dried fruit.

Price From €7.75

Burundi Kalico

Fruity, notes of orange, blackberry, clove.

Price From €9.80

Colombia Geisha

Floral, notes of peach, raspberry, honey, umami.

Price From €29.50

Cuba Serrano

Biscuit, notes of brown sugar, roasted peanut, tobacco.

Price From €9.95

Ethiopia Harar

Strong and bitter, round and creamy, roasted taste.

Price From €9.70

Ethiopia Sidamo Organic*

Spicy, notes of black pepper, cardamom, black cherry.
*certified Certysis BE-BIO-01

Price From €8.10

Guatemala Antigua

Spicy, notes of milk chocolate, cranberry, blackcurrant.

Price From €7.90