The perfect place to enjoy a coffee of excellence.

We are an artisanal coffee bar roasting the beans. We give our customers the choice of either savoring the tastes of coffee or buying fresh beans from a wide selection of around 30 different arabica coffees.

1850    Opening of the coffee roasting shop in the Rue Haute.

1902    Acquisition of the business by the Wulleman’s family.

1957    Opening of several shops “Samoka”, specialized in coffee.

1984    Sale of the shops “Samoka”. Jean Wulleman moves the coffee roasting business to the city centre, Marché aux Poulets.

2011    Acquisition of the business by Marie-Hélène Callewaert and Harold Anciaux.

2021    Opening of a shop, Brusselsesteenweg 428, Overijse.

2022    Harold Anciaux becomes the sole owner of the company.