IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon

Premium ceremonial grade 30g

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A vibrant green colour, a delicate aroma, a perfect froth and a rich flavour with no bitter edge. The search for the best is our obsession.

100% organic, Premium Ceremonial Grade IRO Matcha tea comes from the Kagoshima region, on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan.
It has a full, rich and refined flavour. The perfect froth. It provides exceptional health benefits thanks to all the nutrients and antioxidants contained in the tea leaves.
One 30g tin of IRO Matcha is enough to prepare around thirty bowls of tea.

Preparation :
Chashaku (bamboo spoon): 2 spoons
Temperature: 70 and 80°C
Water: 10 to 15cl
Whisk in a "W" movement with a Chasen (bamboo whisk) until you obtain a nice froth on the surface. You do this by making small back-and-forth movements with your wrist.


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IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon
  • IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon
  • IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon
  • IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon
  • IRO - Matcha Bio du Japon

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